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About KMX

Korea mainnet x project

With the increasing number of connected and location-dependent technologies, our privacy and safety have become highly dependent on the accuracy and validity of location information.
While various attempts have been made to eliminate the need for centralized entities to control the flow of location data, all attempts have relied on the integrity of the devices that collect this data in the physical world.
To ensure a high level of data certainty for location information, we use a new formula that relies on a zero-knowledge proof chain. And we created an ecosystem of KMX networks based on reliable encryption locations.

KMX is an abstraction that enables the identification of layered locations across many device classes and protocols.

It provides blockchain ecosystem platforms such as blockchain technology, integrated electronic wallet security, digital source verification system, multimodal, distributed integrated authentication private, and public blockchain technology.
A new set of encryption mechanisms, known as Proof of Origin & Bound Witness, that combine real-world data collection capabilities into systems that use applications today, is key to this technology.